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We now stock Drivewear® lenses which were developed because clients and eyecare professionals asked specifically for a resin photochromic lens that darkens in cars.

Ordinary plastic photochromic lenses only darken when exposed directly to UV light. Any car windscreen will block UV, preventing it from reaching the lens and so will "behave" just like a clear lens. Drivewear® lenses are activated by both UV and visible and so will darken behind the windscreen. Drivewear® lenses will also block blinding glare because they are polarised as well.

The benefits of Drivewear® lenses which no other lens can deliver are:

  • Effectively blocks blinding glare in any weather
  • Only lets information carrying light reach the eye
  • Intelligently and quickly adapts (darken or fade) depending on the available light
  • Enhances colour contrast
  • Guarantees that Traffic signal recognition (and brake lights) are not impaired
  • Improves clarity of vision and depth perception
  • They are very convenient as you no longer have to keep changing glasses every time the light condition change
  • Safety - When driving your vision will not be impaired by blinding glare

To find out more about Drivewear® lenses and how they can help your vision requirements please contact Uri Patel now on 01773 825614

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